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September 26, 2005



I'm kind of happy to see that The Aristocrats and March of the Penguins did not make it into the running. I saw both at SIFF this year (because I like dirty jokes and penguins, rather than any idea that they would be hot properties) and while I enjoyed them both because of the subject matter (and in Penguin's case, because yes, it is just like a big, long, super cool National Geographic special), they weren't actually very good documentaries. Whatever combination it is of story, soundtrack, film style, cinematography, editing, and timeliness (or timelessness)that come together to really grab you by the guts were lacking for both. So, while I am happy that they have been having a great run, and I have recommended both, it also makes me really glad to see that there are films being rewarded on merit beyond their headlines, shock-value, and box office bottom line. So, power to the perverts and penguins, and hooray for documentaries that take it to the next level, too.

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