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July 09, 2005


Joe Swanberg

I really love THE LAST WALTZ, Scorsese's concert film about The Band's final performance. I also love TRUE STORIES, which is like a music video movie, rather than a concert film. STOP MAKING SENSE is one of my all time favorite films, period. I've seen it at least 20 times, twice in the theatre. ROCK & ROLL HIGH SCHOOL is a favorite of mine, and it's as close as we'll get to a Ramones concert film. DON'T LOOK BACK, GIMME SHELTER, and WOODSTOCK are all great as well.

Greg Williams

Most of my favorite music-themed films have centered on performers with whom I'm well-acquainted (Talking Heads, Warren Zevon, The Beatles' A HARD DAY'S NIGHT). And other humorous stuff like THIS IS SPINAL TAP, THE RUTLES and MONDO ELVIS.

I've probably missed great films about Tupac or Reba McEntire (OK, so maybe not Reba), but it's going to take some great word-of-mouth to steer me toward them. Even WITH word-of-mouth, I still haven't managed to find time for THE BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB, sorry to say.

Like many music fans, I'm sure I'm drawn to lesser-known performers that I can consider "mine," in some way. (A foreign-made film about Loudon Wainwright III? Let me at it. A profile of an obscure 89-year-old outsider musician (www.gordonthomas.com)? Sure thing. A big-budget Toby Keith concert film? Um, no thanks.)

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