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June 13, 2005


Bo Kim

hey nice job on Gigantic. I also like the music videos you did for TMBG. I have a question. Could you contact TMBG for me and see if my band could cover their song Particle Man? Email me please.

AJ Schnack

Thanks for the kind words. This is one of those questions about TMBG's business where I don't know the answer. You probably will ultimately have to contact their publishing company. In any case, I've forwarded your comment to someone who works with them and hopefully they can help you further.

Ryan Stockstad

I just wanted to drop by and say "hello" and "good luck" with your next film(s). I'm a big fan of documentary filmmaking, perhaps a bigger fan of good music, and, in my opinion, Gigantic was one of the best music docs I've ever seen. So it is with some interest that I look forward to your next project.

Thanks for a great first film, and good luck with the next one! I'll be watching.

AJ Schnack

Hey Ryan,
Thanks so much for coming by and please spread the word about this blog - hopefully it can be a way to continue communication (in a more direct way) with some of the folks who supported or came to love Gigantic, especially as I continue on these next projects. And I do really appreciate your comments about the film, it means a great deal.

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