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August 12, 2008


Jess Brougard

You should invest in a heavier shoulder mounted type camera. Your shots won't look so wobbly when you dolly like that.


Agreed! If you want to be professional you should also look into a better format (HD or 35mm would be ideal). It looks like you shot that footage on a three year old point and shoot camera.


You've perfectly captured on miniDV film what many people around these parts refer to as an "Arkansas Boombox" with "Surround Sound."


pretty summer.


I've never understood why so many people are hung up on slightly wobbly footage. I can think of countless successful, entertaining, low budget docs that use the same style. If it isn't so bad that it is unwatchable, who cares? It's in the nature of the genre. I know craft is important, but doesn't putting together an entertaining film with no budget require craft, too?


I agree with Scott. I think it looks great. The low-tech feel reflects the setting and situation.


I'm thinking that you may want to look into using some editing in order to develop the plot some more. Try a cross-fade. It gets 'em every time.

jennifer Venditti

im confused, did you ask for technical advice???
Anyways, about the words you wrote, I couldn't agree more!!! it's a beautiful world. Keep doing your thing!

patrick creadon

i agree with Jennifer! "thank God you're a documentary filmmaker"... this is exactly how I feel every time I turn the camera on. great post AJ.

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